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The Aurora Sleighers

Quick Details

Driver Ages 16+
Passenger Ages 6+

Chase the Aurora!

This nighttime snowmobile tour combines the best of both worlds: snowmobiling and Aurora viewing! Why do nothing all night long while waiting for the Aurora? Save that kink in your neck, and hop on a snowmobile tour and chase the Aurora!

The Aurora Sleighers tour is operated in the beautiful Goldstream Valley located about 15 minutes north of Fairbanks and is the perfect location for unobstructed Aurora viewing! The tour runs from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and covers the best time when the Aurora is most active!

Throughout the tour, we will cruise beneath the night sky on the snowmobiles, and we will break along the way at multiple vantage points to view the scenery and enjoy the night sky. While we can’t guarantee the lights will come out and dance, we can guarantee you will have an amazing experience snowmobiling beneath the beautiful Alaskan night sky!

We will enjoy some snacks and warm beverages (coffee and hot cocoa) while viewing the Northern Lights. If the Aurora are dancing at any point during our trip we will stop, pull over, turn off the engines, and enjoy the tranquility of the peace and quiet while being amazed by the Aurora! Don’t forget to dress warm, and bring your cameras and tripods!

All gear is provided and includes snow boots, snow bibs, mittens, balaclavas, helmets, and goggles. The total tour duration is 4 hours and includes 30 minutes of gearing up and a short tutorial on how to safely operate your snowmobiles, followed by a full 3-hour guided tour in the Goldstream Valley. Beginners are welcomed and encouraged!