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The Local Tour

Quick Details

Driver Ages 16+
Passenger Ages 6+

Learn what it’s like to live as an Alaskan!

The Local Tour is a two-hour guided snowmobile tour and is our most popular day tour. On the Local Tour, you will experience driving your very own snowmobile in the beautiful Goldstream Valley and learn what it’s like to live as an Alaskan: wildlife, dry cabins, winter travel, and northern sports. The Goldstream Valley is home to moose, lynx, fox, snowshoe hare, ptarmigan, and grouse, to name a few!

Moose and other wildlife sightings are common on this tour, especially during the morning and evening tours! The valley is also home to many local dog mushers, snowshoers, cross country skiers, fat bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts alike. On the Local Tour, you will navigate through spruce forests, cruise over frozen lakes, ponds, creeks, and tundra, and feel the thrill of shredding some deep powder!

All gear is provided and includes snow boots, snow bibs, mittens, balaclavas, helmets, and goggles. The total tour duration is 2.5 hours and includes 30 minutes of gearing up and a short tutorial on how to safely operate your snowmobiles, followed by a full 2-hour guided tour in the Goldstream Valley. Beginners are welcomed and encouraged!